Digital Storytelling

Content is Still King

So here we are in what might be called the YouTube Era. Millions of people go to the Web every day to watch silly videos, news and entertainment clips. It’s all been made possible by widespread broadband connections and inexpensive video recorders that bring out the Digital DeMille in all of us. Funny thing, though: Ever notice how few consumer-oriented websites actually use video or audio well?

Meanwhile, the rise of Twitter and the decline of newspapers and magazines has led some to believe the written word is dead, and that no one has the patience for anything larger than 140 character chunks. To which we say: Nonsense. Content still matters. It just has to be very, very good, to hold consumers’ attention. Better still if it is integrated with video, QR codes and multimedia.

The fact is, there’s probably a great story behind your company and products. And you could sell a whole lot more, if only you could show your customers – in your words, with your passion – why you’re so distinctive. You can’t rely on retailers or TV and radio to do it for you. They’re just brick walls getting in the way. Through our partners’ long and extensive history of chronicling good stories in our client-side work at Whole Foods, Balducci’s, Discovery Channel, Sprouts, Flexcar/Zipcar and elsewhere, we have built digital storytelling into a marketing art form. Now, though Brickwall Strategy’s Content For Now service, we’ll tell the story of your organization or products in short but powerful written and multimedia productions that will tap deeply into consumer emotions; then we’ll get them up on your website, or incorporate them into your other sales and marketing materials. Because we’re using a new generation of sophisticated digital equipment and software, it’s all done at the desktop instead of in expensive studios. So our recordables are very affordable, even for small companies.


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