Targeted Direct Mail and E-Mail

1.  Odwalla Quenchers: An Oldie but a Goodie



When Odwalla was preparing to launch their new line of Quenchers, we helped introduce them to Whole Foods Market customers.

This piece went out to 67,576 customers in several distinct segments: high frequency customers, best spending customers, lapsed customers, etc. It captured the funky essence of the Odwalla brand, and created a strong incentive to try the new products.

Results: 10,207 recipients redeemed the coupon, a whopping 15.1%. Overall Quencher sales increased 70.6% after the mailing hit, and then another 19.9% after the test period was over.


 2.  Hubert’s Lemonades

Hubert's-E-MailThis e-mail was used to help introduce Hubert’s lemonades to Sprouts customers. Hansen’s (manufacturer of Hubert’s) decided to put their money into this instead of traditional advertising; the cost of the e-mail was negligible, so their only real expense was the free bottles.  And it paid off handsomely, with a huge spike in initial sales and a 365% increase over the first 36 weeks following the e-mail.




3.  Upselling







In this mailing package, we identified 59,098 people who had bought telescopes through Discovery Channel stores and… and then sent them information on accessories specific to their model of telescope.

Results: 144 people used the coupon we sent them, 539 recipients purchased telescope accessories with or without the coupon, and 6824 purchased something, worth a total of $370,979. That’s an 11.5% response, and a mighty healthy ROI… and it just goes to prove that in a multi-channel world, you have to look in all directions to gauge consumer response.


4.  Lapsed Customer Recovery  FreshFields.lapsedcustomer.mailing.envelope-front

This mailing was engineered to stem the tide of lapsed customers, by sending out a series of valuable coupons (designed to remind people of money) to customers who used to shop at Fresh Fields, but had stopped, based on frequent shopper data.

The results were spectacular. 88,822 households received the piece. In the first four weeks alone, 14,251 of them (16.04%) redeemed the first coupon and 11,690 (13.16%) redeemed the second coupon. That’s nearly 26,000 visits to stores made by people who were thought to be long gone.