What We Do

How We Can Help You

How effective is your organization’s marketing?  Do you know who your customers are and what motivates them?  Can you use data to analyze customer behavior?  Is the writing in your ads and online sites persuasive, and clever, and perfectly aligned with your vision of the company? Are you using video successfully?

Our guess is, probably not. These days, marketing departments are pretty lean, and often rely on social media to be a surrogate for more sophisticated marketing simply because it’s cheap. But the fact is, even the best of brands needs to tap into outside experts to help with marketing, much as legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden used to hire scouts to report on his own team. It’s just smart business.

And that’s where Brickwall Strategy can help.  We develop and implement content- and data-centric strategies and marketing programs to help drive your business. We do it fast, we do it right, and because we are a prototypical 21st Century consultancy – with little overhead and a network of experts to pull in as needed – we do it very, very affordably. We’ve spent most of our careers working “on the client side,” so we truly know what it is like to fight the internal battles, and how to structure an agency relationship that works.

What We Do Day to Day

We are pretty smart people, business veterans in our 40s and 50s, so naturally we think we can tackle just about any challenge.  Isn’t that the very nature of “management consulting?”  But our primary work is divided into four major areas:

1.  Content Development.  We are very good writers and editors – ads, feature articles, collateral materials, package copy, PowerPoint and verbal presentations, websites and more.  We are also darn good photographers and videographers, and that drives our “Content For Now” digital storytelling programs.  We’ll find ways to talk about your business or product that will make you nod in agreement, and will make your customers respond.

2.  Business Strategy.  This work encompasses business plans for early stage companies, brand identity work, market research, and “creative networking” to pair you up with the business development resources you need.

3.  Database and Direct Marketing.  We have extensive experience in building consumer and transactional databases, mining them for business insights, and then turning that intelligence into superb e-mail and direct mail campaigns. These are substantive programs that generate real and measurable results.  We can also extend these into loyalty or frequent shopper programs.

4.  Marketing Technology.  While we really like “old school” communications, we also speak digital, and hence are very good at building websites and social media campaigns. We are especially effective at studying and enhancing what we call the “customer journey,” analyzing the user experience on your website and your customer relations programs.

Our Unique Approach

Brickwall Strategy is a consultancy that helps organizations reach customers. We do it by studying the marketplace problems and opportunities; developing content that resonates with consumers; and delivering it through great technology. Sounds simple. But, like race-car driving and stand-up comedy, it’s a heck of a lot harder once you actually try it.

The problem is this: Organizations with goods and services to offer usually have only the vaguest notion of who their customers are or what they really think about the organization, and they have almost no idea about how to reach those customers. Some adopt the Field of Dreams approach, hoping that if they build it, customers will come. Others think that their job is done once they manage to land their product with a distributor or retailer. Still others spend huge sums of money on advertising, crossing their fingers that the casting of a wide net will yield a lot of fish. When you think about it, it’s all ridiculously inefficient. And the reason is simple: These organizations can’t see their customers directly. There is a brick wall standing between them.

In this day and age, the organizations that succeed are the ones that break through that wall. They work with, or bypass, the middleman and connect with customers – through social media, mail, websites, e-mail, loyalty programs, packaging, special events, and other means. But – and here’s a big difference from even a few years ago – always in a way that gives the customers plenty of choice and ultimately leaves them in control of the relationship. Customers don’t want to be marketed to. And truthfully, they shouldn’t be.

It’s a tricky business. But after many years of working in and around organizations that used their left hand to deal with manufacturers or content providers, and used their right hand to protect “their” customers – that is, after many years of being the brick wall – we know that it is the right business.